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Studio Citrine is an appointment based luxury skincare treatment studio. Created to foster a peaceful and calming environment for clients to receive treatments that nourish the skin and the soul. We offer a variety of services, from consultations to chemical peels, to help guide clients on their journey of achieving their skin goals. 



Prosperity • Energy • Joy 


Citrine crystals inspired the name of our studio, crystals have been used for centuries as tools to promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing. 


Citrine is known for promoting prosperity, energy and joy. We strive to incorporate these attributes into all of our treatments. 




Brianna is a Master Esthetician from Virginia Beach. She graduated from Chrysm Institute of Esthetics in 2020. Her own struggles with acne and rosacea sparked an interest in skincare from a young age. This developed into a true passion once she began studying product ingredients and started to see results in her own skin. Now she enjoys helping her clients see results in their skin as well as creating a space that nourishes self love and self care.

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